For everyone who wants to be beautiful.

Our products are all made in Japan backed by bold ideas and sensibilities.

Every time you choose an ingredient, you get closer to a firm skin.
The fresh texture of the skin frees your mind.
The scent of a single blow brings sophistication with confidence.

The skin changes, the feelings move.
Small stacks to spend your days comfortably,
It can change the world.

With beauty products from Japan
Beautify the "body" and "mind" of people all over the world.

That is our purpose at Rafra Japan.



Brand Creation business

Core business that carries out the vision. We provide one-stop planning, development, and sales of cosmetics under our own brands.


Facial Salon business

Based in Paris, the center of the beauty world. We are developing our own salon-specific products for all-hand treatments, at the center of the beauty world, Paris.


OEM business

Utilizing learning in our core business, we support the advancement of different industries into the beauty world. In addition to providing our own products, we also jointly develop products.

about us

Our aim is to make our work both enjoyable and significant.
To achieve this, we try to keep needless meetings and other stress factors to a minimum. Rather,
we focus on more meaningful and significant things.
We want to maximize the value of all our people.For this purpose,
we have established the “3Ss” to define the scope of our activities.

Principles: The 3Ss

The first “S” is “Simple”-Is your first priority to communicate effectively with clients and partners, and do you try to incorporate simplicity into all your activities?

The second “S” is “Smile”-Do you enjoy your work, do you smile and feel happy as you go about it, and can you envision the smiles of clients and partners as a result of your work?

The third “S” is “Surprise”-Do you put passion, hard work, and creative originality into your work, and challenge yourself vto exceed the expectations of clients and partners?

VALUE: Diverse Points of View

We respect individuality in people, and our goal is
to be a richly diverse organization.

We, therefore, also respect the various points of view (POV) that arise from this diversity.

We are convinced that our diverse POVs will help improve the quality of our products and services.


We have major offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Paris, and we do business in 11 countries around the world.


GRAN Fixer
Delicious Body


Trade name RAFRA JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Established JPY 20 million
Address 22F,Nakameguro GT Tower 2-1-1,Kamimeguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo 153-0051
TEL 03-6772-7710 (Rep.)
FAX 03-6772-7715
Representative CEO / Joy Ho
Main bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Shinjukudori Branch
Businesses Planning, development, and sales of cosmetics, etc.
Main clients Main clients AOYAMA TRADING Co., Ltd., Amazon Japan G.K., IDA Ryogokudo Co., Ltd., OHYAMA Company, Ltd., StylingLife Holdings Inc. PLAZASTYLE COMPANY, BEAMS Co., Ltd., FIVE FOXes Co., Ltd., Mercedes-Benz Japan, The Loft Co., Ltd.